Monday, October 10, 2011

Table Saw Kick-to-Stop Safety Switch

I’ve been meaning to make this thing ever since I got my table saw about three years ago. There’s a little pin on the back of the vertical piece that rides against the saw’s tiny stop button. So, by kicking the paddle with my knee, I can turn off the saw without having to look or fumble around for the little button. I figure it will be lots more convenient than the way it was. Heck, it might even save my bacon someday if I need to turn the saw off while both hands are busy trying to keep a workpiece under control.

I didn’t want to drill holes in my saw to mount the paddle, so I just stuck it on the cabinet with some 3M mounting tape. If the tape holds, I’m in business. If it doesn’t, then I’ll break down and drill a couple of holes for some bolts.

Made from scraps of poplar and 1/4” plywood. Tastefully finished with latex paint.