Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aurora Nightstand - Ebony Plugs, Part II

I think today I must have set a new personal record for the most time spent per board foot of lumber processed. That's because I was finishing up the rest of the little ebony plugs that go on the nightstand legs. They're tiny, and making them was kind of tedious.

Instead of pounding them into the mahogany with a mallet like I was doing before, today I tried squeezing them in with a clamp. That worked much better. As long as they were in the hole straight to start with, the clamp made it very easy to push them in and to stop when they were at just the right depth.

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Paul-Marcel said...

I love using clamps for that kind of stuff. Even with loose tenons/Dominos, if one isn't wanting to insert the whole way, I use a clamp instead of a bigger mallet.

Definitely a good idea on these plugs.

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