Monday, August 1, 2011

Aurora Nightstand - Glue-Up

At last! Today was glue-up day. I started by gluing together the right and left sides as separate assemblies, but somehow failed to get any pictures of that. Here's the much more interesting final assembly, wherein many clamps were employed:

Even with the pads under the clamps, they messed up the finish a little bit. So one more coat of polyurethane is in order once I'm completely done with the remaining details like hanging the drawer and installing the shelf and the top.


Paul-Marcel said...

Looks outstanding, Russ! This was a pretty fast build considering all the jigs to make.

I think you needed 2 more clamps front to back, though ;-)

rmac said...

Thanks, P-M. Seemed quick to me, too, but in fact it's been about eight weeks since I bought the mahogany, and I had some of the jigs made before that. I would like to see how they crank out one of these in a week in Darrell's classes. Besides having the jigs made, they must have a lot of other stuff all set up and ready to go as well.

dog2bert said...

I have taken Darrell's on building the 3 drawer nightstand in a week. All of the material is milled and the jigs are pre-made. With that being said, I still had time to copy the jigs.
All I needed to do after the class was install the ebony plugs and finish.

rmac said...

@dog2bert: It's official, then ... I'm just slow. :)

Rob said...

You are not slow. Experience. In the class the "figuring it out" is done for you. He has a set of tools ready. the entire time is focused on that project. I earn allot from classes but I learn a lot from from building( struggling) it on my own.

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